Professional Decorating for smaller vehicles transposed goods

Smaller vehicles to transport goods decorated with Self-Adhesive Vinyl Films

ACQUASPORT_3.jpgThe graphic design -
Make pleasing to the eye a transport truck, always has a definite prerogative. For many reasons the decoration must satisfy a number of details, including the pleasure to engage and excite the view of those with the graphic design and the purely advertising do not have much to do. Yet it is from here that part of the point to find a solution that fits all, however, results in a success with full customer satisfaction.


Choice of advertising strategy -
A vehicle for light trucks, often requires a particular aesthetic care that depends on two factors: The type of packing, whether on own account or for third parties and the type of impression, more or less aggressive you want to give, to get the result in charge. You see all kinds of solutions, graphically questionable, however, are in circulation. Or conversely decorations are seen very incisive with solutions which are also 70% of the medium. We believe that good advertising should be balanced decoration, rightly incisive but not overly aggressive, with tones more appropriate and targeted in some way not to disturb the morale of others.

The means we have made, some of which are represented here only in small part, are proof that it is possible to accommodate requests as diverse as equally balanced between them, and always top quality and designed to last.

ART_GIARD_5.jpgWritten in relief resin -

Innovative and just as beautiful to the eye are the vehicles for three-dimensional decorations. If you're looking for something new, very elegant, it is possible to emphasize the need to reasonably and picturesque composition and too invasive. The rilivo tangible and particular brilliance of the writing, generates in itself an attraction to the eye.

Curiosity sharp eye and wit, requires more explanation looking for an answer where there is not yet clear. This we know well, because close to a good news, the normality of the "already seen" seems even more experienced ... Impossible not to notice the difference and not be noticed.

Speed ​​of execution -
And 'possible exception of the period due to various reasons, have their own half in a workmanlike manner and according to your expectations at a time reasonably content. From order to delivery of the vehicle in a single week, with the "downtime" involved only a few hours later the same day.

Program Operations -

  • Graphic Design: Designed directly for your vehicle.
  • Acceptance Graphics: Confirmation of the project from you with any adjustments or amendments accepted.
  • Reservation: Appointment to the day of commissioning of the vessel.
  • The day set: Taking delivery of the vehicle by our specialists directly in private yard of our home. The vehicle must be pre-washed and dewaxed in a workmanlike manner.
  • Delivery of the vehicle: Performed on the same day of the takeover, unless agreed otherwise predetermined.

The delivery vehicle complete with decorative lallestimento, will be ready for use and 100% efficient. Therefore, the vehicle shall not bear any trial period, or no prevention unless previously notified by our staff, at the time of delivery.