Decorations and fittings environment customized for offices and shops

The environment in which we live is more important than we think.

Fittings and decorative accessories:
For customized stands are meant all those details that make possible the integration of man in his environment, even if the work. with the intent of improving the liveability.

There are no lines prepackaged of this product, everything is realized on request and custom designed.

Self-adhesive customized fitting environment for internal and external:
They are used specifically when you need a little more privacy on transparent surfaces such as windows, glass, glass doors, windows, walls and partitions attrezzatre open space environments. The decoration with faithfully emulate the self-adhesive films etched glass, making it possible to reproduce symbols, designs and geometric shapes combining the visual pleasure of the usefulness of privacy.
The films etched adhesive specifications are designed for outdoor nullify the direct rays of the sun, which interacts play a useful diffusion.
They are compatible with even sharp variations in temperature and exert an effective protective barrier. A high quality product is essential for long-term exposure, which can withstand a long time without showing any signs of aging.

Accessories useful for environments with advertising message:

Transparent substrates with pre-fixing in a flexible steel wire from ceiling to floor. Available in many solutions for all possible applications in environments of any kind. The ease of installation and emergency response are one of the many qualities expressed by this product. Ideal for advertisements and publications immediate announcements and special offers directly placed directly into your window.

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