Written self-adhesive labels and domed with polyurethane coating

Specific product formulated to resist exposure long-term outdoor.



Resin stickers are produced using specific materials and according to individual requirements, can be printed in silkscreen or digital printing. The form itself has very few restrictions, but always technically adaptable with few almost invisible changes. All the various shapes and sizes available satisfy the needs of those who want an item that represents them- stylish, original and highly attractive.


RESINATURA.jpgWhat is resin tapping?
The process of resin is to get a lenticular effect through the contribution of a special polyurethane resin with crystal appearance and flexible texture. This treatment increases the visual perspective of the label, and makes it clear for everyone. With its depth and brilliance of colours, captures easily the attention.



The effect obtained from the resin tapping, can be defined three-dimensional. Whatever the final product is, a plaque, an article of jewellery or a simple label, all of them have a common denominator- aesthetic value. Although is one interesting and original product, has a very low price compare to what gives us. DSC00903.0.jpgIn reference to our production, the resin doesn't give just a pleasant view of the three- dimensional product, but protects it against the aging process by oxidation and discoloration due to prolonged exposure to external influences. The resin protects from moisture, most of the detergents used for daily cleaning like acids, oils and prolonged exposure to sunlight, scratches and even from vandalism and thereby increasing the duration of the original appearance of the product.


Structure in sections
The resin adhesive label represented here in section, consists of several parts- layers. The first one  is in the base and is part of the original material, defined "Lainerie" or "monopolitenata" paper (better represented in the diagram below), which purpose is to protect the adhesive part of the material. aderesinsez.jpgThe second layer is the material itself, which can be different kind- PVC, polyester, etc. On the chosen material, we will print the stamp, digital or screen printing. The last layer consists of an accurate micro dosing polyurethane premixed resin with a crystal appearance, which thickness varies from 1,5 to 2 mm. Its structure may have as needed, a variable hardness and flexibility, which may be more or less intense. When is necessary and for specific uses, like enameling, you can get the aspect of the resin totally rigid and similar to glass.


Principles of use
Resin labels are easy to apply as normal stickers, on flat, slightly curved, concave or convex surface. The sticker can be placed in a low relief with the same label perimeter where can't be removed easily, is protected from accidents and vandalism and its resistance is much higher. The resin labels adhered instantly bonded after they are put on any clean and previously degreased surface.




Locations to use

Labels find their use in every industrial and commercial sector where there are needs to identify a product with the company's logo or just for decoration. There are no limits to the use of this product, that in easy and economical way demonstrate how positive is its effect in proportion to the low cost of the investment.


List of areas and products for using the resin labels:


  • ELECTRONICS -computers, printers and scanners, hi-fi and car stereo, stereos, televisions, monitors, electronic instruments, digital instruments, and cellular phones, alarms.
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - keyboards, guitar, bass, drums. 
  • APPLIANCES - refrigerators, dishwashers, hoods, air conditioners and boilers. 
  • MECHANICAL INDUSTRY - machine tools, industrial machinery.
  • SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS - measurement equipment, analytical tools.
  • FURNISCHINGS – furniture, shower trays, whirlpool tubs, skylights, windows and doors, security doors, armoured and industrial doors, gates, shutters stores, garage doors and shutters, 
  • VEHICLES - cars and machinery, agricultural machinery and tractors, construction equipment, motorcycles and scooters, helmets, bikes and bicycles 
  • NAUTICAL - boats and flat boats, engines, surfing and windsurfing, diving equipment 
  • SPORT -sports equipment 
  • INSTALLATIONS -   electrical, plumbing systems, security systems
  • PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - key rings , gadgets, plaques, advertising displays