Silk screen printing, know it well ... always work.

manual_print.jpgThe screen printing with multiple and flexible applications is the technique that always used for the reproduction of images, text and graphics, on a considerable amount of media, surfaces and materials.
The silk-screen printing is our matrix.

Roku_print.jpgScreen printing on plastic material:

ABS, PVC, PBT (P), PC, PET, PE, PP, PS, labels, stickers, toys, cosmetics, industrial products, signs, panels, plates, signs allocation ...

Screen printing on metal supports:
Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, brass, metal pre-painted in acrylic, polyurethane, dust ... Can be printed without any contraindication because of the use to which they are intended.

Also screen printing on: Paper, cardboard, plastic-coated, scratch-off, glass, fiberglass, glass, wood, laminate, rubber, nylon, fabric ...


We can do a lot for you ...
Pressing development of new technologies, bursts and spreads on the market, but what is specific still can not be replaced. Our screen printing department is operating for the production of industrial, technical, electronic, decorative and promotional purposes.svecia1.jpg

Screen printing in the industry requires experience and a profound knowledge. Any application of aesthetic and functional containing parts silkscreened, requires special attention that only a competent and professionally prepared can give.

Products and accessories of Use

  • Labels autodesive identification PVC, polyester, polypropylene, with certified media;
  • Decorations and written for machines, machinery, scientific instruments and industrial products, mechanical and electronic equipment and tools for small, medium and large, hi-fi, computers, components, parts and accessories;
  • Plates made ​​of stainless steel, anodized aluminum or pre-painted, silk-screened or embossing;
  • Control panels in stainless steel, anodised aluminum or coated and of synthetic material;
  • Controllers and templates adhesive-coated polycarbonate and PVC embossed;
  • Plates of plastic material, methacrylate (Plaxyglass), polycarbonate, PVC (FX), polypropylene, polystyrene;
  • Customizing means for work and leisure, such as bicycles, motorcycles, three wheelers, vans, trucks, articulated urban civil transport, tramway, railway, aircraft, boats, ambulances, police;
  • Indoor and outdoor signage for public, industrial, office;
  • Specific articles for boating, written for boats, rafts, specific kinds of equipment, accessories and equipment;
  • Gadgets, promotional items related to complement.

In recent years we have been able to experience what has been said. We know the details because they were experienced, dissected, analyzed and resolved. The deep knowledge of the industry is an important part of our structure shows that our professional history.