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  • Graphic design;
  • Screen Printing;
  • Digital printing with advanced technology;
  • Plates, panels and warning signs in stainless steel AISI 316 and 304, anodized aluminum and coated, brass, acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate, PVC Foam Board (similforex), tempered glass ...
  • Labels and self-adhesive pre-spaced lettering also large;
  • Pre-spaced self-adhesive labels and written resin relief of small and large;
  • Know-how of end products of the latest generation for the wholesale and retail trade;
  • Personalized items and products made with specific materials for marine environments;
  • Production of articles on request for industry, trade and crafts;
  • Customization for identifying objects, parts and metal parts, painted, treated in a galvanic bath, anodized, of plastic material.
  • Friendly products and specific application for: Cars, motorcycles, cycles, means of public and private transport, road freight transport, trains, ships and airplanes. For instrument control, measurement and scientific tools, appliances, machines, machinery;


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Tank Pad of new generation ... in more than 1000 different solutions


On sale in the best parts and accessories stores, online stores, authorized dealers and retailers of motorcycles.

The ParaPal Tank Pad is a protective self-adhesive of new generation of contact for the tank of the bike. Available in more than 1000 different solutions, with unique design and bright color. The relief surface is very pronounced, smooth and pleasant to the touch, extremely bright finish for an effective result in aesthetic terms.

The models are all conformable, whose composite structure is formed by several independent sections.
The size is adjustable in height and some models even in width, making this product unique. Being of simple application, following the instructions of the package, for the assembly will not need the assistance of specialized personnel.

Referring to the contact page of ParaPal, the "AGENTS" will give you the opportunity to meet Agent pertaining to your area. You will receive advice and assistance offered by professionals who can answer, advise and accommodate your requests with courtesy.

  • All models of Tank Pad ParaPal are entirely made in Italy and protected by copyright..




... some products say what we can do for you.


  • Stickers simple and professional - Resistant to exposure outdoors for long periods of medium and long term. Materials convertible into any form of large dimensions, printed in color on quality materials;
  • Identification of self-adhesive labels for use industrial place - Printed in full color on a wide range of media specific, suitable for an industrial or professional use.
    • Label domed - For application on: Cars, motorcycles, cycles, work machines, equipment, machinery and industrial equipment, scientific instruments, vending machines, small and large appliances, computers, musical instruments, fixed and mobile telephony, toys, gadgets, packaging, displays, etc ... Item manufactured on demand;
  • Pre-spaced stickers - For decoration: light and heavy transport, buses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, trains, planes, cars and industrial machinery, measurement and control instruments, machines and earthmoving equipment and gardening; Setting up shop windows, exhibitions , events, advertising, information signs .... Item manufactured on demand;
  • Written self-adhesive embossed "Pre-spaced resin" - This product can be used with great aesthetic result on many subjects listed above. Item manufactured on request.
  • Plates and plates of metal, synthetic and glass, with embossed text - in stainless steel, anodized aluminum or coated, brass, pre-painted steel, galvanized steel, acrylic (Plexiglas), polycarbonate, rigid and foamed PVC (Forex), tempered glass and visarm tempered. For these erticoli are available KIt spacers for wall mounting.
  • Dial-A colorful stickers watches and original sequence of quadrants in relief - Independent set of numbers pre-assembled in combinations of colors and styles, even for large quadrants. Suitable for gifts, favors and executions eslusive and original. For this article executions are possible on request.
  • Nautica specific products - products and materials specific to the marine industry. Written for the decoration of boats and boat name identification on request resin and visibly in relief, of any shape and color, even in large sizes. There are solutions with new and original objects, floating key ring stress and "Gluck" socks-and container fenders custom "Publi-Bord."
  • Labels sealable vinyl and Flock for long term applications of fabric - Manufacture and application of heat: t.shirt, sweatshirts, caps, jackets, nylon bags, working clothes and personal accident prevention clothing, reflective;
  • Decorative applications on request for items and gifts - Use to decorate with extreme simplicity: photo frames, candy boxes, clocks, lamps, chandeliers, Aplique, furniture, appliances, suprammobili and gifts in kind.
  • Productions and graphic visual communication - applications for shopping centers, supermarkets, offices and shops - Signs in the windows, and things written identification, decorations advertising, promotional messages, promotional posters, leaflets, signs, informational signs and generic ...
  • Stand and exhibition stands - Writings, images, adhesive applications, booth decorations,
  • Sports end equipment - equipment exercise equipment for personal and ppalestra. Decorations and advertising materials for fixed and mobile environments such as outdoor and indoor, sports fields, sports halls, swimming pools, fitness centers, gyms.
  • Booth, Events, Festivals, Fairs stands for - Writings, images, adhesive applications, booth decorations, material for openings, seasonal festivals, events folcroristiche, festivals, anniversaries occasional tournaments and evocative historical and medieval fairs.
  • Displays and signs for indoor and outdoor use - indicators directional signage, warning signs and signs for the workplace, offices, construction, hospitality, healthcare, public and private.
  • PVC banners for indoor and outdoor - Printing banners, medium and thick interior and exterior.
  • Roll-Up, expositors and Displays - In a multiple number of shapes and sizes, printed in color with no limit on quantity. Models with extensible solutions to the base, with light rods, with metal frame and erecting suspended ceiling. Displays can be retractable version Roll-Up or easily removable in other versions. The models with movement and change of the image, have integrated the motorization.
  • Promotional Items - Gadget selected quality such as: pens, calendars, bags, gifts coming directly from the manufacturer of modern, promotional items for specific advertising campaigns, conventions, meetings, corporate gifts ... All are fully customizable.


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